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We are honored and excited to be able to partner with the Assemblies of God to assist those called into ministry and help them attain the education needed to succeed in ministry.

The SC DSOM is designed to help aspiring ministers, and those in active ministry, achieve the educational and skill training necessary to receive and advance in ministerial credentialing with the Assemblies of God. It also serves local congregations to train and equip leaders and teachers.

Preparation is offered for the three successive levels of ministerial recognition:
1. Certification (1 Year Track)

2. License (2 Year Track)

3. Ordination (3 Year Track)

The program of Ministerial Studies provides the necessary coursework to apply for credentials with the SC Assemblies of God. For more information regarding credentialing, please contact Michelle Sandler at (803) 936-0541.

Got Questions?

For more information on how to enroll and sign-up pease visit:

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