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Where food and community come together.

Why Dinner?

At Praise Assembly, we believe in the importance of bringing the Gospel to the community. All too often, however, this proves to be a trying and difficult task. Because of this, we have chosen to look toward the model laid out by Christ and the early churches as they broke bread with people of all kinds.

The goal of Table Of Hope is multi-layered. First it is designed to bring food to those who are hungry, meeting a practical need in the community. The second reason is to give a space for us to offer an opportunity for conversation about Jesus. Our team of volunteers jump with excitement every week as we share the love of Christ to the city of Beaufort, South Carolina.

Come Eat With Us.

We want you to come be a part of our time together. Whether it is as a volunteer, or just as part of the community, all are welcome. If you are interested in volunteering with us please do not hesitate to reach out!

Date & Time:
Every Tuesday at 6:00pm

Our Ministry Needs.

On our volunteer form you will find multiple slots of needs we have for the ministry. If you feel a desire to fill one of those needs, then please follow the prompts on the form below! 

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